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Health Coach with Celery


Welcome to

Feel Plantastic!

Where we Transform Health Holistically with Nutrition and Medical Medium® information. 



I'm Sophie Wickham, a Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach from Germany. My journey into the world of health and nutrition began at a young age, driven by a lifelong passion for these subjects. Over a decade ago, I consciously embraced a plant-based lifestyle, a choice that has not only influenced my personal life but has also become a cornerstone of my professional journey. In 2018, I proudly earned my nutritionist certification, marking another significant milestone in my commitment to this field.


Despite my unwavering dedication to a healthy lifestyle, I've faced my share of health challenges. Chronic UTIs, debilitating migraines, SIBO, panic attacks, and anxiety—just to name a few—were further complicated by my previous career as a flight attendant.


It was during this challenging period that I discovered the life-changing Medical Medium® information. This knowledge not only helped me overcome my health issues but also formed the foundation for my work with clients.


With over 3.5 years deeply immersed in the world of Medical Medium® information and a strong background in both traditional nutrition and holistic wellness, I've cultivated a unique skill set to be able to help others regain their health. My mission is clear: to shine a light on the answers you seek and guide you through the confusing jungle of information that surrounds health and nutrition towards true health and a thriving future.


I'm here to share my expertise with compassion and intuition, empowering you to take control of your well-being and become the best and healthiest version of yourself.

Celery and vegetables



At Feel Plantastic, we provide a diverse range of coaching options tailored to meet your unique health and wellness objectives. Whether you're seeking guidance starting from the ground up or require intensive, advanced support, we're here to fully support you on your journey.

Health Coach with laptop

Health Transformation

90 min

for new clients who want to start out on their health transformation journey

Health Coach with laptop

Follow Up

45 min

for existing clients

Raw veggie bowl

Discovery Call

20 min

for your questions about working with me and to get to know each other



Total Health Transformation 

Health Coach working

Are you ready to take the leap towards a total health transformation and unlock the best & healthiest version of yourself? Let me introduce you to the Total Health Transformation Program, a comprehensive 3-month journey tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals.


What Our Clients Say


The most amazing person to consult with! Sophie! Not only is she professional and extremely knowledgeable, she has amazing interpersonal communication skills! I am so grateful to have met you and been able to learn from you! 

Yasemine R.

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